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March 26, 2018

Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

* the way the crowdfunding sites are presenting their individual efforts in the context of searches starting with the home page have changed in a way to make general surveys of those projects a bit more difficult. My apologies for sucking. This is a good era in which about crowd-funders you see you think need support.

* the effort to keep JHU Comic Books in Manhattan has gained far more traction than most store-related crowd-funders, and definitely has a chance to meet its initial goals. If anything we read about comics-reading habits of a certain type are true, disruptions in the service such stores provide can be brutal to readership continuity.

* the most prolific of the Columbus-local comics publishing efforts, Ken Eppstein's Nix Comics, has some considerable work to do on its 2018 publishing slate ask.

* the feature Just Say Uncle, has a modest ask up for help with a paper printing of 2014 strips.

* finally: congrats to Exhibit A Press for hitting its initial goal and first stretch goal on their most recent crowd-funder; if you're reading this early in the day you can still participate.
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