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June 4, 2018

Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

* a Katie Skelly Bad Girls tarot deck sounds like something that will do very, very well and it's off to a strong start today.

image* the crowd-funder to give Bill and Nadine Messner-Loebs some space to operate while establishing a livable home continues to chug along. Does anyone know how they're doing? I don't have a personal pathway to them. I hope the boost they got from the comics community will give them the ability to kind of do a reset on the basic living circumstances, but I have a feeling there's a chance that a lot more will be necessary as the situation develops the next several months.

* I like the idea of this performance/adaptation related crowd-funder aimed at James Sturm's Market Day. It looks like it's getting there, but could still use some attention.

* here's another anthology for your consideration from A Wave Blue World. They've done several at this point.

* finally, I liked reading about this crowd-funder from Rachelle Meyer that seems to be more about developing work already made in sketchbook form. I don't see a lot of second step fundraiser, but I imagine they are just as necessary.
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