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June 9, 2014

Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

* there's a bunch of time left to go on this crowd-funder featuring the great Hunt Emerson, which is a good thing because they have a ways to go. It's interesting to see how cartoonists in the older generation might or might not connect with the kind of fan that would use a site like Kickstarter.

* this very modest JT Yost kickstarter features John Kerschbaum art in a significant way, so that's enough to gain my attention. That's a nice idea for an anthology. There was a time in alt-comics where you could just have an anthology with no theme and it might end up like this one.

* Molly Ostertag and Erika Moen are still killing it.

* "toe tag riot" is a fun name.

* this Turkey-related crowd-funder has just met its goal as I'm typing this; I think it's very appropriate for their to be a cartoon element to any resistance movement in that country given some of the grief those professionals have suffered over the last decade.

* this first comics project of Czech origin on Kickstarter looks like it will close out in strong fashion in just a few days, but you never know if youw ant to give it some attention.

* in pointing out the situation facing Jessica Zafra, Gerry Alanguilan writes a bit about health insurance. I think he's right that in a lot of places there are resources that people simply don't access -- that was the case with me in 2011, and I hope you'll make it a part of your story moving forward.

* three projects recommended by the critic Rob Clough are Delicate Lies, an American Nature project, and the ongoing work of the critic Rob Clough. I benefit from Rob's work, and I bet a lot of you younger cartoonists have as well. He's the first review of note for a lot of cartoonists. Another critic on the front lines of review, Richard Bruton, makes his case for someone to follow.

* I haven't looked too closely at the samples, but I like the idea behind this crowd-funder and there's been very little attention paid to it as of yet.

* that's a fun name.

* finally, this Steve Ditko-related crowd-funder is in its last hours. There is no better fact about comics than that Steve Ditko is still making comics of great personal meaning to him.
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