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June 18, 2018

Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* the filmmakers behind the Drew Friedman documentary are seeking another round of funding with a promise they will try to have the film appear by end of summer 2018. You know, that $100 tier is not bad, if you think of buying the film and the t-shirt by itself you'd get to half that. I hope the film is good!

* the Aztec Ace crowd-funder has scrambled past its initial goal.

* three days left on an impressively performing crowd-funder for another season of Check, Please!.

* here's some nice people that wrote in about their crowd-funder Further. That looks like a modest ask with a great chance of succeeding. Always send a link: not everyone does. I see more press releases that looks like 1978 press releases than 2012 ones.

* finally: Katie Skelly has blown past her initial ask with her Bad Girls tarot deck. I got two for gifts.
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