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July 7, 2014

Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* two projects big enough they got their own posts when launched continue into this week: a gofundme campaign for SLG Publishing; a fund-raiser related to the late Dave Cockrum's The Futurians project. I hope you'lll check them out. The SLG Publishing one in particular could use a few white knights.

* also with a gofundme campaign going: the writer about comics/comics-maker Henry Chamberlain.

* here's a modest-level crowd-funder that's already met its goal; they were nice enough to write in.

* this collection of DA Bishop's Stranger has a way to go in the next few days, but as we learned with the Zak Sally affiliated crowd-funder last week, these things can come together very quickly.

* Julia Wertz is selling her photographic prints at a reduced price right now, and still has a ton of art for sale; Dustin Harbin uploaded some new prints to INPRNT. Neither of those is tied into a specific need as far I know, but artists can always use a sale.

* this P. Craig Russell crowd-funder looks like it may cut it close, although it's certainly well along.

* finally, this animated version of Bucky Beaver looks like it won't happen.
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