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July 14, 2014

Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

* the Dan Vado/SLG fundraising campaign is still going, and about to crest $10K.

* this Dave Cockrum-related crowd-funder has made its initial goal with about three weeks remaining; if you want to participate, I believe they'd be happy to have you.

* this David Petersen not-comics kickstarter roared past its initial goal before I even went and looked at it; by now it should be in the incentives and extra rewards phase pretty comfortably. I assume some of you might want to get on board.

* Box Brown has been quietly adding pages from his Andre The Giant book to his original art store. That's not tied into any particular need I know about, but every cartoonist can use the boost and that book has proven to be a popular one.

* there's a new campaign for a Rick Geary book underway, this one focused on Billy The Kid.

* this P. Craig Russell-related crowd-funder has met its goal with a few days remaining.

* there's a crowd-funder going for a follow-up to Monstrosity.

* Henry Chamberlain has a GoFundMe campaign going, although it's not going anywhere fast right now. I hope that some of his fellow writers-about-comics will look in.

* I'm not sure there are any panels left for sale here, but any way we can get Gabrielle Bell some money for her work is aces with me.

* finally, David Lasky is selling a print version of his Ultimate Superman Tale. I like that comic. I don't think there's a particular tie-in there, either, I just like Dave and if he makes a lot of money he may buy me a drink in San Diego at the end of the month. Hey, this column isn't all-the-way altruistic.
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