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July 21, 2014

Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

image* still a few ongoing crowd-funders featuring big names: Dan Vado and SLG, Dave Cockrum, David Petersen and Rick Geary. I think at this point all but the Dan Vado one should have met their initial goals, if not a few stretch versions.

* not as well-known a name, Henry Chamberlain still has a gofundme campaign hanging in there.

* I don't have people e-mail me links to toy-related crowd-funders all that often, but I can see why this line of retro action figures like Stardust would be appealing to people that read this site.

* not sure I've read a more entertaining crowd-funding request than this one. It looks like enough people agree with me that the project will be safely funded.

* the second Monstrosity anthology continues to chug along.

* Gary Reed and Caliber announced what they say is their first crowd-funder soon after last week's column went up.

* finally, there are still days left for this crowd-funder for The Somber Crown, but I have that it will have met its initial goal between the time I'm writing this and the moment it rolls out on the site, so consider this one of those "if you'd like to participate" notice.
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