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July 28, 2014

Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* Dan Vado has updated his "Go Fund Me" campaign with a note about the SLG presence at this last weekend's Comic-Con International. Vado has cleared a bit over $11K in the campaign, with a goal of $85,000.

* this Rick Geary crowd-funder has met its initial goal, but as it is Rick Geary, I thought some of you still might like to get on board.

* the Steve Ditko/Robin Synder publishing team turns its attention to Mr. A.

* this Lee Milewski campaign that had some traction in terms of professional recommendations is heading into its final hours, successfully funded.

* the writer Valerie D'Orazio has launched a crowd-funding campaign here, for a comic she'd like to do with Bobby Timony.

* finally, the Watson And Holmes property is the subject of this crowd-funder; that's a high-profile effort and a winner of multiple awards.
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