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August 25, 2014

Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

image* this week is the fundraiser for Seth Kushner. I hope as many of you as possible can attend, donate, tell people about it.

* here's a fairly significant crowd-funder going to raise money for a collection of the works of Chris Knox. I enjoyed reading that one, actually.

* Gary Tyrrell makes a lovely case for helping out Philip Hofer, someone who has worked hard on various infrastructure tools that have helped make webcomics possible. I hope you'll consider contributing, or at least reading the case that Tyrrell makes.

* Gabrielle Bell has changed slightly how she's going to be selling originals from her summer diary comic. Those originals are really great looking. I'm fond of those comics and would like to see them continue.

* count Red Stylo Media among the many small presses and self-publishers that have a Patreon going now. Al Davison is another. Erica Friedman is one of my peers who has decided to pursue this option.

* the Nate McDonough crowd-funder chugs along, having reached its initial goal with weeks to spare. I was glad to see the Watson And Holmes one rally and surge past its initial goal. In fact, everything we've profiled recently has surged past its goal. I wonder if that's August; we certainly wouldn't be the cause. This one certainly struck a chord with donors. This second Rachel Richey project has gone over the top, too.

* here's a new one that was sent my way, familiar to those who read the Glyph Awards winners post: Ajala: A Series of Adventures #3-4.

* Dan Vado's gofundme on behalf of his publishing house SLG is a universe more admirable than some of the other stuff that site has been facilitating lately.

* finally, here's one with a high curiosity factor that's just met its goal, featuring the work of artist and inker Joe Sinnott.
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