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November 19, 2018

Comics By Request: People, Places In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

* there's a lot out there in terms of giving choice even by the standards of right now with its constant attention to hundreds of asks. This extra juice will probably be there at least until the end of the year: with giving driven by recent election news, with a general buttressing of at-risk communities a giant concern and with another round of artists of all types suffering through alterations of recent healthcare insurance games as the fight against some sort of minimal insurance for everyone is joined. And we're in the primary range of end-of-year holiday giving. Give generously and with benign intent. It's a great thing you're doing, engaging with the world that way.

* still slightly dismayed that the monies raised for defense against defamation suits filed by publisher and cartoonist Cody Pickrodt has stalled a bit, albeit at an impressive 2/3 raised thus far. I think the ability for members of the cartooning communities to be able to speak freely about their experiences regarding other members of the community should not be constrained by the hassle of a lawsuit, and I wish this was seen more widely as a concern by comics in general.

* anyone out there want to become a Christmas angel?

* finally: I've been bad with this Fall's request for book-publishing funding, but here's a cute-looking project with a modest overall ask.
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