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January 27, 2014

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* the Stan Sakai fundraising continues, and should for a while. You can donate directly and you can donate through the donation of art to be sold off in an art auction. I was told some weeks ago that $20K+ had been raised in the first burst of donations. That's an amazing amount but from what little I know about the shortcomings in my own health insurance coverage vis-a-vis home care, that money can and likely will be spent very quickly. So I hope you'll consider a donation. I've had two people this last week volunteer without prompting to take payment for services in the form of a donation to the Sakais, which is a wonderful thing to do. I hope that the Sakais continue to be supported and we let the example of one of our very best cartoonists allow for all sorts of questions to be confronted.

* similarly, over $25,000 has now been raised for Clydene Nee, best known in comics circles for her work as a longtime Comic-Con volunteer. I hope that if you know her or are touched by her story you'll consider a donation.

* here's a Mike Kunkel crowd-funder in its last few days -- I hadn't noticed it until Ross Richie brought it to my attention via a random social media interaction.

* one of the big go looks of last week and something that seemed to drive a flurry of social-media interest in its first few hours, Jackie Estrada's comics-culture photos project seems to be percolating right along -- I think of those things being vulnerable until about the halfway point, so I'll continue to run updates here until at least that time. I'd like to see that book.

* I'm intrigued by the idea of small press comics shows getting their start via crowd-funding, and excited by the possibility of Indianapolis -- a not-bad comics town once up on a time -- getting one going.

* the writer Sean Kleefeld recommended to me this already-successful project, which has several days to go before it runs out of time.

* finally, Dean Trippe's Something Terrible crowd-funder is heading into its last days, successful as all get out but still there for you to participate if you'd like.
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