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February 18, 2013

Comics By Request -- People, Projects In Need Of Funding

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* the Retrofit project is going to pursue another round of comics and has a subscription drive going on in order to make it happen. I liked some of the first round, and like that someone is doing short bursts of published comics as a counter to the overwhelming market drive behind long-form comics of a certain type.

* the longtime independent and high end genre comics-focused magazine Tripwire has a crowd-funder going. I have seen Joel Meadows at every comics convention I've attend except maybe three, so if this doesn't get funded, I'll never hear the end of it.

* they've reached the just toss in more and more incentives point of the Aw Yeah crowd-funder, and good for them.

* I had about a half-dozen people e-mail me this crowd-funder, which looks to have already met its initial goal.

* I guess this is where I should put this. I got an e-mail from an established publisher today raising money for a project via Kickstarter. I don't wish anyone ill, but this kind of thing strikes me as odd. If you're not super small press, or funding something just amazingly obscure and completely unsaleable, or -- maybe -- have some sort of displayed, awesome skill at running crowd-funders, then I would lean more towards this kind of thing being an abdication of a traditional publisher's role as someone that provides capital than it is a way for someone to facilitate a project through pre-orders. At any rate, I won't be spotlighting those kind of projects here, unless they become so commonplace I can't avoid it. Crowd-funding has that zealous aspect to it that to criticize anything you see as an out-there use can be read as an attack on the entire enterprise, so I hope that writing about this in my weekly column driving attention to crowd-funding will allow me to skip some of that blowback.

image* the very fine cartoonist Salgood Sam has a fundraiser going here to enable him to publish more material. There's some prime mid-'90s mainstream comics material being offered there. And commissions. That's a very skilled artist to be offering commissions.

* another cartoonist I like, Roman Muradov, has a crowd-funder going where the goals have already been met but you get in on it if you want.

* this post about helping out the writer Peter David, who suffered a stroke late last year, is still at the top of his site so I figure it's still pertinent.

* finally, here's a direct plea that I missed, from some nice folks in the webcomics world. It's interesting to me that people wishing to help are directed towards original art purchases or something similar rather than direct donations because of financial assistance constraints.
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