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February 24, 2014

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* hey, let's look in on Meredith Gran's Patreon campaign. That seems to be progressing pretty well -- it seems guaranteed to hit that first goal, if it hasn't already (I'm writing this about 36 hours in the past) and whether or not it hits additional ones will likely have something to do with how these campaigns progress.

* here's an interview in support of a crowd-funder for Alisa Harris and her Counter-Attack!.

* Rob Clough could use some more help, if you missed out on helping Rob Clough the first time around. He does good work, that Rob Clough.

* it's not comics, but the artist Juanjo Guarnido has certainly made some popular works in that form; this is an animation project for which he'd like you to consider support. Here's another not-comics-but-related projects seeking funding: a film on the writer Bill Finger, who was screwed out of Batman-related money and credit by the virtue of the contracts of the time and the culture that's developed since to support those contracts.

* the fine podcaster and talker about comics Kumar Sivasubramanian has a crowd-funder going that looks like it is well on its way. I hope if a freelance check comes in I can climb aboard.

* the Yeah Dude Subscription drive is heading into its last days; artists include Box Brown, Ian Harker, Josh Bayer, Laura Knetzger, Conor Stechschulte, Keenan Keller, Victor Kerlow and Erina Davidson. It's edited by Pat Aulisio. Sounds good to me.

* finally, Mike Lynch is asking for you to consider paying him a few bucks; I hope to contribute something as soon as I'm able. His is a foundational comics blog.
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