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March 24, 2014

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* a lot of the artists involved with Seth Kushner's Schmuck project have been beating the drums on its behalf.

* Matthew Southworth suggested taking a look at this project, a genre work that involves a deaf protagonist from Cleveland cartoonist Frank Cvetkovic.

* I always like to note the convention crowd-funders when I stumple upon them. The idea that these are community events interests me. I also appreciate that these are events that can offer a bunch of different inducements in terms of access and items in order to cajole people in forking over money ahead of time. I'm not sure that's always healthy, but I'm fure it facilitates some events that wouldn't happen otherwise.

* my connectivity seems limited this morning and no one working at the hotel where I'm saying knows where anything is in the neighborhood so I can't decamp to a public connection -- sorry in advance for anyone I miss and for the herky-jerky nature of this post as I slip in and out of on-line consciousness like I'm sitting in the back row at MoCCA Festival's first hour of Sunday programming.

* the Inkstuds crowd-funder moves into its final hours if you want to get on that sweet, sweet inducement action. If Brandon Graham isn't taking anything for his trouble, I bet this crowd-funder all by itself would push McConnell into the top ten of people that cover comics. Just a guess, though.

* I've been following the Table Titans crowd-funder to see how they play the stretch goals.

* Scott Thompson could use your help with Husk, Vol. 2.

* finally, this one looks interesting, and will be funded, although I have to admit what drew my attention was raising $3K for something described in mini-comics terms.
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