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March 3, 2014

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need of Funding

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* the Yeah, Dude subscription campaign is probably the crowd-funder I've seen with the most work to do in the shortest amount of time for a project that squares mostly with the reading choices of the CR audience (these are all sweeping generalizations, the best kind of generalization).

* this young person with the same name as my first intern from 20 years ago -- and a member of the Columbus, Ohio cartooning community, sent along this crowd-funder and asked me to take a look and maybe list it here. And so I have.

* those nice Inkstuds people, Robin McConnell and Brandon Graham, would like your help in funding a trip to California to make more podcasts. This has actually been out for almost a week now, having been released to the public right after last week's column went live. It happens. It's also crushed so far, so good for those guys.

* it isn't comics, but this game based on the Kill Shakespeare concept which started as comics met its goal one week ago and has to be safely in stretch goals territory by now.

* this also isn't comics, but this Bill Finger tribute film is wrapping up its crowd-funding campaign having met its goal.

* Kumar Sivasubramanian seems well on his way here; I enjoy his podcasts.

image* I'm starting to see a few more Patreon campaigns like this one. I think Meredith Gran's continuing one is still important to watch. She's met her first goal, and is still climbing. She seems right at the middle of a couple of crossroads: someone that has displayed she can make more comics than she's making right now but needs to be supported in doing so, someone with a sizable fanbase but not one that's at a surging point or one that has followed her into similar payment structures in the past for the joy of doing so. It also strikes me if there ends up being a pushback against payment before goals met -- I don't think there will be, actually, not a significant one -- then Patreon's incremental mechanism may be its most important feature and even copied for a single-project fundraising mechanism we have yet to see.

* I'm not sure that I knew that Antarctic Press was another established publishing company using a crowd-funding mechanism for a specific project. Very successfully, it looks like.

* Steve Rude has been doing his sketchbooks this way for a few years now. It's not always in my budget to buy one but I've enjoyed the ones I've purchased.

* finally, congratulations to the WW3 Illustrated crowd-funder for meeting its goal.
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