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March 10, 2014

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* it's true, the Stan and Sharon Sakai original art (and some other stuff) auctions are a go. I'l run a reminder every day at 2:05 AM my time. I hope you'll check in, spread the word, and if it's within your means, bid. You can also donate directly here.

* Mike Lynch would love for you to help support his blog. His blog is one of the foundational comics sites on the old-fashioned blog-oriented version of the Internet -- and still quite vital in the social media age. I wish I could give more than a few dollars, but maybe some of you will consider giving as well.

* PW Comics World now has a column on crowd-funding, where they throw the spotlight on a few projects.

* I missed that there's a new Robin Snyder fundraiser on behalf of a Steve Ditko project. That one looks like it will get there.

* Andy Runton is selling prints in support of his beloved dog.

* Alan Gardner puts in a word for the Kenosha Festival Of Cartooning.

* a few of you have sent me a link to this Tom Ward project, saying it looks nice enough that people might consider supporting it. The podcaster Kumar Sivasubramanian has a project up here that seems to be hitting the make or break period in reasonably confident fashion, but still needs the actual pledges to go from promise to reality.

* not comics: congratulations to the She Makes Comics documentary filmmakers on hitting their crowdfunding goals plus some.

* a kickstarter for a Warriors-related project is way past its initial goal. The latest Paul Jenkins and the WW3 Illustrated one are also past their goals and winding up.

* young Mat Calvert's crowd-funder doesn't look to be gaining much traction.

* finally, Team Inkstuds wants to go to New York. Or maybe they're looking longingly at Paris or Tokyo now, I'm not keeping up the way I should.
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