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March 17, 2014

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* via Marc Arsenault comes word that Matt Howarth has a modest crowd-funder going at Kickstarter in support of comics work. Howarth is an interesting cartoonist, and everything he does is worth a look.

* that fine cartoonist Salgood Sam is halfway through a fundraiser for the next book, into which he's built a tour in support. It's a fairly elaborate and nuanced crowd-funder, actually; if he or crowd-funders generally are of interest, you should read it.

* the next Scott Thompson/Danny Husk book is in its crowd-funding stage.

* I was too late on the draw last week to drive attention to Table Titans, Book One. They made their initial goal, and are now in full stretch-goal mode.

* P. Craig Russell has had a lovely career and you should consider supporting whatever he wants to do. That one looks on its way, but the premiums look nice. I've been looking at a bunch of his older comics recently.

* this related-to-comics crowd-funder looks very close with a few hours left. I would assume that at this level you just get your buddy to put you over the top, but I've never done one before.

* the film actor and television star Zachary Levi is trying to raise $1M to do parallel event programming at San Diego, which strikes me as super-bizarre. I wonder how much of the actual comic-con $1M could buy in terms of monies spent on that show. There's a charitable aspect to it, too, it should be mentioned.

* Simon Hanselmann is selling packages of comics. I don't think this is tied into any particular need, but it's enough off the beaten path and I can't imagines there's a time anyone offers up something like this from their site that they're not hoping it is successfull.

* some of the crowd-funders previously spotlighted seem to be doing okay. The Inkstuds one presses towards stretch goals and more interviews. The Tom Ward one about the Elephant Man seems to have turned the corner although it still has some distance to go. A number of you suggested that one for what you saw of the art.

* this was the newest one that showed up near the top of my basic Kickstarter search, which usually yields projects that are near their end or already successful. I don't know how the search mechanism works, actually, but it seems significant when one shows up a little closer to the top than others.

* another new one I didn't see at first was this Seth Kushner one for Schmuck. Kushner is a well-connected, well-regarded member of the wider NYC comics community know for his photographs of comics-makers -- he describes this as a labor of love and long-simmering.

* the Meredith Gran Patreon campaign we've been watching is at $1200-plus per month. I get about two or three e-mails a day that have just started one or are trying to figure out how to do one or are trying to figure out if they want to do one. The Dave Sim one we noted tied into his Alex Raymond book was at a touch over $260 per month.

* finally, this person is having a moving sale by offering sketches and other art right off of their tumblr.

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