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March 25, 2013

Comics By Request -- People, Projects In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

image* Simon Moreton is raising money through original art sales and commissioned artwork. Here's another such person raising funds for future projects.

* one thing I like about crowd-funding is I do feel I'm hearing about more comics than I would have otherwise, like this one: Ashes.

* good to see veteran comics-maker JT Dockery meet his goal with a crowd-funder.

* here are some other projects with names I recognize: Mark Sable, Ryan Standfest and Nate Fakes.

* this post on how to help the writer Peter David is still on top of his well-trafficked site, which I take to mean any help you'd be willing to provide would still be appreciated. Mr. David suffered a stroke late in 2012.

* finally, it's always a good thing to buy things being offered by tried-and-true small press talents. You know they'll use it for necessary things, and they have a long history of making comics as one of those necessary things. There is no better person, no artist with a better track record, than the great John Porcellino. I look forward to the mental-Internet when I can just send John a couple of bucks every time I think to.
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