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March 31, 2014

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* StudyGroup has started a campaign for their next round of print comics efforts. I like those guys, and I'm sure the money will be spent carefully, although my standard worries about capital-light publishing apply. That would seem the grandest crowd-funder hitting that alt-/arts- market the most squarely this week.

* this campaign on artist Joe Phillips' behalf raised enough late last week for a prosthetic foot plus some money to put towards rehab. God bless and good luck to that person. And good on comics for getting that done quickly; I think if someone needs a limb that's worth five bucks, and I don't care if that person makes comics called "I Hate You" comics aimed directly at you.

* this isn't comics, but occasional cartoonist B'Wana Spoons has a crowd-funder going in support of toys that he'd like to see made.

* that Dave Sim Patreon campaign to afford the cartoonist more time to work on the Alex Raymond he's partly completed is at a little over $300. I have no idea what to make of that, actually, because it seems to be a straight-up patronage campaign not tied into any particularly rate of production.

* Seth Kushner's Schmuck project is at about the halfway point in terms of raising desired funds at about thehalfway point in its roll-out.

* it seems like this Winsor McCay-related crowd-funder has been up for about 15 months, so I'm guessing this is a second volume or perhaps even a re-do. Winsor McCay will be of interest to more than a few folks, I'm sure.

* finally, the fine writer-about-comics Richard Bruton would like to recommend a work for your support in the FPI Blog's new column devoted to such recommendations.
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