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April 14, 2014

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

* a nice reward for the Study Group folks on completion of their Linework NW show would be for the final grand of their kickstarter to arrive in pledge form.

image* the Doug Wright Awards crowd-funder is moving right along now. This one depends on some one-person-only incentives, so you might want to pay attention to it earlier in its cycle as opposed to during the last few days. I wonder sometimes if there isn't a bit of a bias against established entities seeking this kind of funding, but one would think a displayed history of doing good work would actually be an advantage -- you know the money will be used well because you see how they've spent it in the past.

* this isn't comics, but Tom Toles is one of the top five working editorial cartoonists so anything he wants to do is of interest to me.

* here's one I haven't mentioned but certainly didn't need my help to achieve its initial crowd-funding goals: The Rattler.

* this was a nice thing Mark Millar and Gorlan Parlov did.

* the nice creator behind Just Another Sheep contacted this site in hope that we might write a sentence or two about the corresponding crowd-funder. Robert Solanovic of Unfinished City wrote a similarly nice e-mail. I think I stumbled across this one called House Party by a Rachael Smith a bit more organically, but it's still a cartoonist with whom I'm unfamiliar.

* a tweet by the writer Mark Waid drove my attention to Noir City #2.

* when I'm writing this, Schmuck is $590 away; when you're reading this, who knows?

* Hobo Fires made its goal, and I'm grateful because I didn't see the press release until like 10 minutes before this post. One press release I noticed but only very late in the process is this one form SpicyToilet.

* finally, this David Mack crowd-funder has already blown past it initial goal but it's the kind of thing that people are either going to want to get on or not.
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