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May 19, 2014

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

* a bunch of folks have recommended this Bright Spiral crowd-funder, and even though they've made their initial goal there are still plenty of days to get on board. Similarly, this Ant San crowd-funded has met its goals with some time remaining.

image* ECBACC has gone to a crowd-funding mechanism to raise money for their shows and mission. I think they have enough of a track record that people can make a fair appraisal of how their money will be spent, which is a different kind of social mechanism in play.

* Van Jensen's crowdfunder looks well on its way.

* nice people on twitter suggested this Joey Esposito Footprints crowd-funder; this looks like the latest in a series at least one of which was crowd-funded in similar fashion. Here's a blog post in support.

* here are two crowd-funders with name familiar to print comics fans: one for a Ben Dunn Ninja High School collection; one for a continuation of Craig McKenney's Brontes project.

* finally, I figure this Dave Sim crowd-funder set its initial goal very low on purpose, but it's having the success that most of the Dave Sim-related crowd-funders have enjoyed.
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