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October 16, 2017

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* Rich Tommaso has put out word that he could use some help. He's selling pages from Spy Seal here.

* there's a ton of stuff up at Kickstarter right now. Some of the names involved at various stages of success with their current asks are Josh Trujillo, Dirk Manning, Shaenon Garrity, Shawn McManus, Scott Christian Sava, Sam Glanzman and Danielle Corsetto.

* please consider supporting Zainab Akhtar's patreon.

* finally, Steve Lafler has a project up. It's a modest ask, but I wanted to spotlight it 1) because I like Steve Lafler's work and 2) I think of him as someone slightly out of step with kickstarter culture which I suspect means his audience going directly to his ask.
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