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December 9, 2013

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

image* a bunch of the sales/fundraisers we've been tracking continue even as some fade from view. As far as I know, efforts to help Stan Sakai as he attempts to make up a home healthcare insurance gap remain ongoing. Sakai is one of the best people in the industry, and I hope you'll give that one a look. Zak Sally continues to have a big sale in honor of La Mano's 21st birthday. Julia Wertz has unleashed a bunch of art and prints on the world at her Etsy store. As far as I know, you can still support Mark Newgarden and Megan Montague Cash and their sale to help pay off recent flooding damage.

* via Steve Blatchford comes a reminder that the comics-soaked Mothers News is heading into the final hours of its fourth-year fundraiser. That seems like a worthy project to me. There's a CF print available, image of which is at the bottom of this post.

* Rob Clough thanks those that donated after his recent plea for tips/donations in support of his critical writing in light of some family money issues. He says their crisis is averted. Good job, comics. Also, congratulations to Team Top Of The Line.

* the Sequential Artists Workshop is seeking a few thousand dollars in support of its 2014 programs. Tom Hart and Leela Corman are some of the best people in comics, and would put any money raised to good use. Please take a look at that one, particularly if you know them or their work.

* in specific comics-related efforts for things outside of comics, the charity anthology Panels For Primates has two volumes available for sale digitally right now, with proceeds to a primate rescue center in Kentucky. Rina Ayuyang is raising a bit more money via a last round of art auctions featuring various alt-comics heavy-hitters to benefit Philippines typhoon relief. The veteran writer Ron Marz continues to raise money for children via eBay auctions here. A donation drive at Comic Creators For Freedom continues until mid-month. There are also ongoing efforts like Hero Initiative, Aurora Rise, the CBLDF and Child's Play.

* there are a bunch of more standard projects out there for your perusal, and it's always fun to spend some time near the holidays looking around at people trying to facilitate one dream of publishing or another. Here's a project that has some traction in the webcomics realm that should make its amount but not by a whole ton.

* finally, as will be the case this entire month, Dan Nadel continues his 50 percent off sale at PictureBox as that company winds down the front-list part of its admirable life.

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