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December 30, 2013

Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

imageBy Tom Spurgeon

* this is one of the odder donation request pages I've ever seen as it's so specific with the options for donation but relatively vague as to exactly what ails the writer Sarah Byam. I have no doubt the need is real, though, and I remember her being very nice. There is a non-subscription option at the bottom of the page.

* I'm going to repeat a bunch of these in the hopes that it will wear down or two people that are tired of seeing whichever cause listed here. My apologies for those that come to CR for new reading.

* first up: please consider including the CBLDF in your year-end giving. They are good people, and freedom of speech is a fine cause.

* the Sparkplug Comic Books recent posting about pre-orders and support included an on-line, art-auction component: here are those art auctions. I don't know exactly what that Dan Clowes is, but color me interested.

* the cartoonist and writer Ted Rall would like your support through a service called Beacon.

* efforts to help Stan Sakai as he attempts to make up a home healthcare insurance gap remain ongoing. Please note the CAPS paypal button is working again. Sakai is one of the best people in comics and I hope you'll considering lending him a hand or seeing your way to one of the things being offered on his behalf from well-meaning peers. It would also be nice if someone at CAPS would cash checks that were sent to the PO Box before the year is out, if any of them are reading this.

* speaking of Mr. Sakai, all thought and prayers to him, and to his family, for this loss.

* the Sequential Artists Workshop is seeking a few thousand dollars in support of its 2014 programs. Tom Hart and his fellow SAW folks are good people and that money will be well-spent.

* finally, don't forget that Dan Nadel continues his 50 percent off sale at PictureBox as that company winds down the front-list part of its admirable life. Get the Frank Santoro stuff.
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