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June 24, 2013

Comics By Request -- People, Projects In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

* here is one of those Examiner articles, this time on the status of the Jeremy Kirby book project about his grandfather Jack Kirby. With the initial goal reached, there is a significant stretch goal in sight.

* there are a bunch of going-to-be-successful or recently successful projects of note, from creators like Clifford Meth, Ursula Murray Hasted, Brad Guigar, Shaenon Garrity, Antarctic Press and Team Galaxion.

* I remember when someone about a year ago attacked crowd-funders generally because they instituted a philosophy of artists checking whether or not there's an audience before they do something. At the time I remember people saying this didn't happen, but this interview suggests it may. Whether or not you think that's a bad thing probably depends on 18 different factors.

* this CBR story has something of an update on the writer Peter David's financial situation vis-a-vis a stroke he suffered at the end of 2012: the purchases and donations made by fans apparently helped take care of some of the costs not covered by insurance, and helped make up for at least one freelance gig lost during that period. The "how you can help" post is still at the top of his site. It's good to see the writer doing better health-wise.

* finally, DC Comics has another campaign going under the wider umbrella of its anti-hunger efforts in Africa.
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