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October 1, 2012

Comics By Request -- People, Projects In Need Of Funding

image* it looks like this crowd-funder for a David Boswell documentary is going to run pretty tight as far as making its goal -- it's one of those projects where those raising the money benefit from a partial amount, though, so you can donate without fear of having done so uselessly. I have no real idea if that's going to be any good beyond liking David Boswell and thinking he'd be an interesting subject for a little documentary, but I imagine that's enough.

* a bunch of stuff recently ended. In terms of ongoing campaigns, there's still kaBOOMbox.

* Lucy Knisley met her goals for a crowd-funder related to Oscar Wilde; you can still get in on whatever she's offering that way.

* it looks like this Dream Life project from Salgood Sam is rounding towards making its goal.

* we end with Lea Hernandez and her The Garlicks. Lea Hernandez strikes me a nice person, and the market is such she could probably use the traction of a crowd-funder to get a book of this size out there in front of readers.
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