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November 19, 2012

Comics By Request -- People, Projects In Need Of Funding

image* Keith Jones is selling discounted subscriptions to his series Morons.

* this Elysium Online effort looks well on its way, and has been endorsed via Twitter by several comics pros.

* here's a project from Colombia that would appreciate your attention. I guess I knew this was going on all over the world, but I hadn't thought to go look for any crowd-funders in different languages.

* others, selected at random: Alexis E. Fajardo, Cincinnati ComiCon, Michael Jantze, the Bezango, WA film project, Ken Eppstein, Matt Bors (who is taking orders for another book), Runx Tales and Deep In The Woods.

* these nice people wrote in hoping to "pique my interest" in their book The Bargain.

* congratulations to Art 4 Sandy for raising over $9K.

* finally, this isn't a comic but it's closely related and sort of weird, besides: a Stardust action figure crowd-funder. (via Paul Karasik)
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