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November 26, 2012

Comics By Request -- People, Projects In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

* the fine, longtime editorial cartoonist Bill Day has been out of salaried work for three years and is apparently in danger of losing his home. A bunch of folks are trying to raise enough money for Day to have a year of steady editorial cartooning work paid for via crowdsourcing. That seems like a really nice thing that might come out of an undeniably tough thing. I can't donate to everything, but I did donate a tiny bit to this one. I have a ton of sympathy for those that were caught by the seizure that the newspaper industry experienced three-four years ago, and even more for those that happened to be right at some of the worst times in one's life to experience such a disruption.

* the Cincinnati ComiCon campaign is moving into its final days with its goal in reach.

* these people sent out a giant, mass e-mail with all of our addresses in the "to" box about their crowd-funder.

* I haven't quite caught up with this Escape Pod Comics offer, but I promise to soon.

* well, here's one that could clearly use our help. Yow.

* finally, this person asked nicely on twitter for me to re-tweet this link. Since I don't re-tweet links on request because that way lies madness, I'll happily run it here.
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