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February 22, 2012

Corey Pandolph To End Five-Year Run On The Elderberries


The cartoonist Corey Pandolph has put up a fascinating note here about his decision to pull the plug on his five-year run on The Elderberries. That strip was created by the writer Joe Troise and the cartoonist Phil Frank in 2004; Pandolph took over in 2007 after Frank's passing and Troise's retirement.

You can take your pick as to the most compelling part of Pandolph's decision and the note explaining it. That this can be said to end the comic strip page contributions -- even at the remove of someone taking over the work -- of the talented and underrated Frank is one. Pandolph is pursuing other creative opportunities that have come up for him that aren't really comics related, which isn't always the case when a cartoonist walks away. Pandolph is refreshingly honest about the financial return that a comic like The Elderberries offers a creator and that comics in general right now afford their makers, particularly if the creators don't fit a certain kind of model in terms of how they're inclined to self-promote. Pandolph also seems defensive about more traditional leaving-comics criticisms such as being perceived as a quitter or that he's a dope that doesn't realize that big success may be just around the corner.

I believe five years is enough for Pandolph to know if this is a gig he wants to keep on pursuing, and wish him the best of luck in future endeavors.
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