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July 18, 2012

Course Correction: Fantagraphics Rolls Out Digital Kupperman

imageI think I may have misapprehended an element of the new Fantagraphics digital partnership, which is enough to move this news of Digital Michael Kupperman out of the Bundled column where future releases will no doubt be announced and into its own post. I thought that we were getting Love & Rockets New Stories back issues now, with volume 5 from that series in September at the same time the print version hits stores, with the exploitation of the publisher's massive catalog to follow. It looks instead like we'll be getting launches starting now, so fire up those credit cards.

Kupperman's a great choice for someone to go early in their rollout for a lot of reasons. He's super-funny, of course. But it's more like Tales Designed To Thrizzle is a classic alt-'90s one-man anthology and that's a format I think might have some traction on digital it really doesn't in the current marketplace -- that's not even the Direct Market's fault, incidentally, but more that the DM needs a bunch of a kind of work to have some success even on scale something can be a success there and these kinds of comics aren't really done anymore with the regularity they used to be. Also, Kupperman's work looks super-attractive in print, which while that sounds counter-intuitive to its digital chances, is actually a vote for the print version having its own sales momentum that digital won't all the way overlap.

Anyway, you can buy issue #1 here and issue #2 here.
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