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November 30, 2015

Hard To Beat The Deals At Roman Muradov's Site

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Shigeru Mizuki, RIP

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Go, Look: Mauri Kunnas

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A Few Individual Cartoonists Told Me They Did Very Well On Small Business Saturday

imageI heard from three cartoonists Saturday to late Sunday, none of whom were interested in attribution, that a simple call-out of some sort to their followers on social media had a significant -- in the several hundred dollar range -- benefit on "Small Business Saturday." I don't know what that means, although one of my general theories of consumption is that more and more people want to be told what's important to buy, so that being told when to buy something might be an extension of that. This seems particularly likely to work that way in conjunction with the outside endorsement of that particular shopping campaign.

It's a story only in the sense that comics used to be much more disconnected from general shopping trends -- the market it had its own rhythms, or at least it failed to capitalize on a lot of conventional-wisdom concepts from general retail. It's only in the last few years we've started to see Thanksgiving weekend related sales from publishers and cartoonists at all, and there's an increasing number of books positioned to hit the gift-buying market. Someone like Milton Griepp would have to provide support or pull support from my assumption that these things collectively are a bigger deal to the bottom-line, but it certainly seems like there are opportunities there there maybe weren't before, and that at least some of them are being seized.
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Go, Look: Warwick Johnson Cadwell Instagram Sketches

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
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Missed It: Your 2015 British Comics Awards Winners


This took place during Thought Bubble, November 13 to be completely honest with you. I'd tweeted it out but never made a post of it on CR. My apologies to those invested in those awards, their nominees and their winners. You can read FPI's blog post here.

For some reason I don't run the nominations for this program, so let me put those here. Winners in bold.



* Comic Book Slumber Party: Fairytales For Bad Bitches -- Hannah Chapman (Editor); Stephanie Ayres, Sarah Burgess, Emma Carlisle, Lucie Ebrey, Enoki, Lize Meddings, Becca Tobin, Donya Todd, Alice Urbino and Jenn Woodall (Self-Published)
* Supercrash: How To Hijack The Global Economy -- Darryl Cunningham (Myriad Editions)
* The Motherless Oven -- Rob Davis (SelfMadeHero)
* The Rabbit -- Rachael Smith (Avery Hill Publishing)
* Tim Ginger -- Julian Hanshaw (Top Shelf)



* Beast Wagon -- Owen Michael Johnson, John Pearson and Colin Bell (Self-Published)
* Grey Area: From The City To The Sea -- Tim Bird (Avery Hill Publishing)
* Hand Me Down -- Kristyna Baczynski (Self-Published)
* Lost Property -- Andy Poyiadgi (Nobrow)
* Strip -- Sarah Gordon (Self-Published)



* Sarah Graley (Our Super Adventure, Pizza Witch, Rent Quest)
* Rachael Stott (Doctor Who: The 9th Doctor #3, Star Trek #46 and #47, Star Trek/Planet of the Apes #1-5)
* Matt Taylor (The Great Salt Lake, Wolf #1 and #2)
* Adam Vian (Long Lost Lempi, Snippets: Extracts From 4 Comics That Don't Exist)
* Christian Ward (ODY-C Vol. 1, ODY-C #6)



* Cindy and Biscuit Volume One: We Love Trouble -- Dan White (Self published/Milk the Cat Comics)
* Gary's Garden Book 1 -- Gary Northfield (David Fickling Books)
* Ghost Cat's Pedigree Chums -- Craig Conlan (Self published)
* Maleficium -- EdieOP (Avery Hill Publishing)
* Star Cat Book 1 -- James Turner (David Fickling Books)



* Dudley D. Watkins


Note: Mr. Watkins is the fourth entrant into the Hall of Fame.

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Go, Look: Annisa Adjani

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Collective Memory: Genghis Con 2015


Links to stories, eyewitness accounts and resources concerning the 2015 edition of Genghis Con, held November 29 at Lake Erie Building in Cleveland.

This entry will continue to be updated for as long as people


* Con Location
* Con Site
* Host City

* Event Page

* Derf
* Ken Eppstein
* Rachel Hunt
* Tinto Press

News Stories And Columns
* Cleveland Scene Weekly

* nanodeath
* Sophie Goldstein

* Festival Account

* AdamNiemara
* Casey
* Christine Gutierrez
* johnbailey
* Jon Nix
* Kimberly
* Laser Punk
* Sequoia Bostick
* Yoshi Andrego




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Go, Look: Billy The Kid #9

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Don't Forget Comics Companies, Creators And Related Businesses On Made-Up On-Line Shopping Day


There's a bunch out there, like this one from indy-alt publisher Birdcage Bottom Books or this one from the always-fun Jeremy Eaton (work seen above). Many smaller companies count on sales to generate cash flow and reduce inventory before the new year, so there is an element of helping out that might go into your deciding to spend some money with them.

Start with your favorite companies (look around the home page), move on to your favorite creators (start with their twitter page) and then end up with any business or two you think might have a discount you like such as comiXology. Some will only have sales for today and some will have had them for a few days now. Happy hunting and happy shopping.
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Go, Look: Bus De Nuit

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Comics By Request: People, Projects In Need Of Funding

By Tom Spurgeon

* the great Gilbert Hernandez recently announced that he'll be doing commissions, and they're very cheap. I have no idea if this is attached to anything other than some free time in the prolific cartoonist's schedule, but that's a great deal and it's hard for me to imagine a better present for an L&R fan, including just buying one for yourself.

image* Evan Dahm's new Vattu-related crowd-funder should be over its initial goal by the time this post rolls out. It'll be close, at least.

* Alphabet Anthology is off to a good, not great start and could probably use some attention early on in their run.

* there are 31 days left and the anthology Samandal has a significant way to go. That is the group fighting a significant penalty with political elements for parts of their last issue.

* Peow has made its initial goal but I can imagine CR readers that still might want to be involved. Ditto Kickstand Comics.

* with Locust Moon the shop soon going the way of all things, you can show your support by getting on board with Locust Moon the publisher on their successful Will Eisner-related fundraiser.

* here's Dave Sim with another successful archival fundraiser. Dave Sim and crowdfunding are a really good match.

* finally, Rio Aubry Taylor wrote in asking for consideration for current project, JETTY.

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Go, Look: Gabrielle Bell Sketches

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Go, Look: Insurrectos

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Random Comics News Story Round-Up

* the Society Of Illustrators has announced its annual Cartoon Art Competition.

image* Alex Dueben talks to Jessica Abel. Brenda Emmanus talks to Jamie Hewlett. Michael Cavna talks to Zunar. John Kelly talks to Steven Cerio and Bill Griffith. Someone at the New York Times Magazine talks to Bob Mankoff.

* Jared Gardner writes about comics and medical issues, suggesting that comics offers narrative connections that might be very insightful into the process of healing.

* here's a page with a bunch of the Frontier interviews scanned in.

* here's a piece at The Mindless Ones, probably Andrew Hickey I'm terrible at remembering these things, on various new comics out.

* I can't remember if I posed this or not but it's worth another look even if it's a repeat: Charles Berberian talks about his post-Paris attacks New Yorker cover.

* this is an interesting story of a late-underground alt-weekly style strip returning to the cannabis culture of modern "medicinal marijuana" California.

* finally, Batman visualized in the style of B. Kliban.
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Happy 45th Birthday, Johnny Ryan!

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Happy 54th Birthday, Brian Pulido!

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Happy 65th Birthday, Chris Claremont!

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Happy 53rd Birthday, Ruben Bolling!

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Happy 58th Birthday, Brian Basset!

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Happy 63rd Birthday, Keith Giffen!

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November 29, 2015

Video Parade Extra: Comics Panel From Miami Book Fair

thanks, Bill Kartalopoulos!
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Go Get On Her Mailing List: Jessica Abel


As this site has noted -- and I think will note, due to holiday-style blogging -- the cartoonist and comics educator Jessica Abel is doing posts about time management and getting projects done. I think that's something that a lot of people think about, and diving into those matters during the busy holidays may sound crazy but could give you momentum hitting a new year and those long winter months that a hundred resolutions can't provide.

So here's Abel's latest, with directions to preceding posts via text link and the promise of more to come via her mailing list. That might be something you get for yourself this holiday season. Doesn't look like it costs anything.

One of the great things about comics is that with all that's been accomplished in the unlikely journey of this art form from laughing stock to world media source-engine, there's so much more to be done both creatively and on behalf of the industries and cultures that support those creative endeavors. It's an amazing opportunity, and one all of us with an abiding love for comics have the chance to take seriously. It's not required, but it's there.
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Not Comics: Harry Clarke Draws Poe

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Go, Look: The Good Muslim

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