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January 2, 2019

CR Review: Young Shadow Pamphlet One

imageCreator: Young Shadow Pamphlet One
Publishing Information: Self-Published Mini-Comic, 16 pages, $5, December 2018.
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This is a series of character drawings, staging areas and general designs for cartoonist Ben Sears' occasional science fiction series. He's a sturdy talent at all of these things, and how much enthusiasm you have for the general look and feel of the resulting comics likely determines in its near-entirety your appetite for your work. I liked it well enough, although I might have liked buying it in person and without shipping given the sparsity. Even that is fine, though give quality of imagery on display.

Sears does very little in terms of staking out measurable artistic differences in effect between figures and settings, but the talent on display is obvious and everything communicates a sum greater than component parts. I like how early-days this seems, how much progression could be had within choices made or by eschewing the work to date altogether.

This may be for a Sears completist; luckily, that's where I am these days. I am also happy to give money to Ben Sears whenever I'm able.
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