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January 11, 2014

CR Week In Review

imageThe top comics-related news stories from January 4 to January 10, 2014:

1. Amid a wave of nonsensical, PR-driven activity from the recipient enabled by celebrity-interested on-lookers, Daniel Clowes' legal representation issues a cease-and-desist letter in the direction of the actor that plagiarized his short comic "Justin M. Damiano."

2. A short list for the Angouleme Grand Prix is released, showing just how powerful that award is, in part, for primarily rewarding one cartoonist a year (there have been special and anniversary honors).

3. It's not a story I'm writing about until tomorrow, and even then I have a different take on it, but people seem worked up about the fact that Comic-Con is getting rid of the ability to click for four-day attendance with one button and making people click four or five.

Winner Of The Week
Kim Thompson

Losers Of The Week
People that really liked the exact way they were receiving comics from Oily Comics.

Quote Of The Week
"If I could draw like that guy I'd be the biggest pornaholic in the world." -- Gilbert Hernandez, on brother Jaime


today's cover is from Marvel Comics during the year 1964

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