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January 25, 2014

CR Week In Review

imageThe top comics-related news stories from January 18 to January 24, 2014:

1. Angouleme grand prix voting -- now a different process than the past-winners-in-a-room method that drove the honor for years, leads to a pre-festival finalists slate of Bill Watterson, Katsuhiro Otomo and Alan Moore. One observer joked that next year may be the first year where the winner doesn't even show up.

2. Marc Toberoff plans as many avenues for appeal as are available to the Siegel and Shuster families as another decision goes against him. Future actions may include perhaps a breach of contract suit on the arrangement courts claimed has been in place for the Superman character for over a decade.

3. Heavy Metal is bought for the express purpose of driving properties to film along the lines of a Legendary Pictures. The magazine seems likely to leave print, although previous majority owner Kevin Eastman, now a minority owner, is likely to be involved.

Winner Of The Week
Lilli Carré

Losers Of The Week
Some of the classic, strong, very European but maybe not best-selling comics authors that may have stood a better chance to win the grand prix under the old system.

Quote Of The Week
"The stuff that I'm always sitting here gobsmacked about and having to write about is so fucking simple and so basic and so remedial... Don't harass women. Please don't say racist things on Facebook. Don't run a national hate group that tries to deprive people of their rights. Respect the people who came before you, who paved the way for you -- that one trips up so many people! Don't tell Alan Moore to fuck himself if your entire career depended upon Alan Moore existing. Appreciate that comics is actually a thing greater than you, that you're a participant in, rather than some vehicle for your shitty ego. Don't spread lies in your industry through Rich Johnston about getting blowjobs in janitor closets (because that's something we have to say now!). Your comic probably doesn't need that rape in it. Your comic probably doesn't need that rape in it. Your comic probably doesn't need that rape in it. Try to stop avoiding minorities so much -- they can be nice people, too. Not all of your pants need to be blue-jeans; they make other kinds of pants. Don't have the celebratory photo of your Expo be a bunch of bros rocking their most special pair of blue-jeans, and then get huffy when someone points out that the Expo looks like it was a smelly denim-clad sausage party -- just take a better photo! Think about the culture you want to be a part of and talk about that culture, out loud, and not just to market yourself to tumblr." -- Abhay Khosla, in conversation with Tim O'Neil


today's cover is from Marvel Comics during the year 1964

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