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February 1, 2014

CR Week In Review

imageThe top comics-related news stories from January 25 to January 31, 2014:

1. Angouleme gets underway in France with all the controversy and drama that entails.

2. A number of artists including several US cartoonists and some in attendance at this year's show sent a protest letter to the Angouleme Festival asking them to sever the sponsorship of the company SodaStream, whose primary production facility is in the West Bank.

3. MIke Marts '' to a new Marvel Executive Editor position; Marts had been working as the editor on the various Batman titles published by DC. The hire throws a spotlight on DC's decision to move out to California with all of its publishing operations by next year, DC's editorial talent pool more generally, and the success Marts enjoyed with the Batman-related book in the "New 52" era post-Fall 2011.

Winner Of The Week
FIDB in Angouleme -- still the best confluence of industry angst and overwhelming creative excess in all of comics' various publishing initiatives.

Loser Of The Week
DC; I'm guessing there will be an overreach in terms of speculation as to how much the Marts loss may cost them and an equally overreaching pushback trying to frame it as no big deal, but he made good books at DC that sold well and with creators that seemed to like working with him -- it can't be good to lose someone like that, no matter who might take over or no matter how popular the characters with whom that person worked.

Quote Of The Week
"Whether I jump into anything, whether it's crime or horror, if there isn't something I can put in there, something personal or something a little more three-dimension to the characters, I really can't get into it." -- Rich Tommaso. (Sue me, I just sort of liked that interview.)


today's cover is from Marvel Comics during the year 1964

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