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February 16, 2013

CR Week In Review

imageThe top comics-related news stories from February 9 to February 15, 2013:

1. Store boycotts and petition drives mark efforts in reaction to the writer Orson Scott Card writing a Superman story for a new digital/print anthology. Card is an advocate against gay marriage.

2. The Irfan Hussein case re-opens, if only to allow for some police accountability on how badly they behaved in bringing folks to trial on the matter of the murdered cartoonist.

3. Publishers adjust to international postal rates being raised.

Winner Of The Week
Carol Tilley

Loser Of The Week
Fredric Wertham

Quote Of The Week
"Also anyone out there who feels they may have screwed me or stolen from me in the past (a very small subset, but still...) this is an excellent time to get your conscience completely cleared at a steep discount. 25 cents on the dollar. These prices will not last!" -- William Messner-Loebs


today's cover is from the all-time series Classics Illustrated

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