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June 14, 2014

CR Week In Review

imageThe top comics-related news stories from June 7 to June 13, 2014:

1. 758 comics-makers in the French-language market send a letter to the Ministry of Culture about a raise in pension contributions that is set to become official in January 2016, throwing a big spotlight on how little money the rank and file of comics-makers take home.

2. comiXology adds a big bunch of primetime Viz Media volumes.

3. It looks like Bill Watterson is cooperating with at least some of the steps necessary to assume festival presidency at Angouleme in 2015, as a French reporter says that a poster is on its way.

Winner Of The Week
Seth Kushner

Loser Of The Week
Amazon. Still. They're large enough it doesn't matter in the wider scheme of things, which is also a trap, in that you might give back business it wasn't necessary for you to give back because you're insulated from the long-term effects.

Quote Of The Week
"But now that I'm on the other side of treatment I'm feeling like I want to work harder and grosser and draw uglier; one thing drawing used to do for me was help me feel like I was contributing beauty to the world because I felt so ugly. But now I feel like, fuck that, ugly is good." -- Katie Skelly


image from a Marvel comic book, 1964

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