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July 5, 2014

CR Week In Review

imageThe top comics-related news stories from June 28 to July 4, 2014:

1. Egyption cartoonists are taking to alternative means of distribution -- and alternative means of depicting political realities -- in an increasingly repressive country, at least as it pertains to free expression through cartooning.

2. joins a number of comics-related entities seeking crowd-funding help for the weeks, months, years ahead.

3. A clumsy comment or two in a pair of creators' (Meredith Finch, David Finch) PR-driven interview about a forthcoming run of Wonder Woman blows up a bit, with a reminder that a lot of readers feel very deeply engaged with some comic book characters.

Winners Of The Week
Zak Sally and Dan Ibarra

Losers Of The Week
Any devoted buyers that are also Anders Nilsen fans, missing out on this.

Quote Of The Week
"I think my time is almost up. Anyone reading this who wants to hire me, please email me. To be honest, it's tricky as a freelancer because you can't depend on any money for sure, so all the money that comes in seems almost miraculous. Which is nice, in a way, because you don't get used to it. On the other hand you feel like you're poor all the time because you don't have a steady income, so it's hard to spend money. All you can really do is pay bills because you don't know when the money's coming in or not. It's hard to think long term. My wife and I are getting pretty sick of that. So, after quite a few years of doing this, I am going to have to get serious about a more steady income." -- Kevin Huizenga


image from a Marvel comic book, 1964

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