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August 9, 2014

CR Week In Review

imageThe top comics-related news stories from August 2 to August 8, 2014:

1. Pran, RIP.

2. Mike Dawson wonders out loud after his apparent failure to build an audience, leading to an avalanche of thinkpieces and informal conversations about the expectations cartooniss might have about forging a career.

3. A week after an Australian newspaper apologized for running a cartoon that contained caricature elements and was critical of Israel policy in Gaza, some opinion writers wondered why there was no objection to strident pro-Israel cartoons.

Winners Of The Week
The Kirby Family. That's a good thing they do. I think people are coming around on noting the day of Jack Kirby's birth, and the family's imprimatur gives that recognition a direction that will be important in cementing that day as a mini-cultural event going forward.

Loser Of The Week
Anyone who was waiting to pull the trigger on a Los Angeles comics festival-type show.

Quote Of The Week
"I was stopped for mildly adjusting a traffic law to suit my specific motor vehicular circumstance, and the police officer recognized me as 'that alternative cartoonist,' letting me go with a warning. I tried not to wonder at nor question the incredible, unimaginable unlikelihood of any law enforcement officer being acquainted with the obscure subculture of alternative cartooning as I slowly drove away." -- Chris Ware


image from a Marvel comic book from 50 years ago, a year they were killing it

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