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December 15, 2012

CR Week In Review

imageThe top comics-related news stories from December 8 to December 14, 2012:

1. The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund announces an advisory board.

2. Image makes a move to start adjusting its "you can count on us to do additional printings" policy with popular comics far enough along in their run that initial orders should better reflect the final orders.

3. Horrible news regarding the slaying of children in Connecticut sends North America's remaining editorial cartoonists scrambling to come up with some sort of response. This is, of course, a much bigger news story than it is a comics news story, but working with an issue like this one in the 24-hour-news-cycle world is an increasingly difficult task for this beleaguered profession.

Winner Of The Week
James Kochalka, for his lengthy run on American Elf, now nearing its conclusion.

Loser Of The Week
This decision. I actually support the idea of finding value in artistic expression that has unpleasant elements to it, but denying those unpleasant elements seem the height of cultural arrogance to me.

Quote Of The Week
"gentle and candid humour" -- Judges In Belgium Describing Tintin Au Congo


today's cover is from the small-press and independent comics scene of the late 1980s and early 1990s

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