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December 28, 2013

CR Week In Review

imageThe top comics-related news stories from December 21 to December 27, 2013:

1. Weird flurry of convention-related news stories flash to surface the pair of days before Christmas, from PIX, TCAF and SPX. This ranged from PIX just basically saying, "Hi" to TCAF making some reasonably routine but still important to note "here they come" style announcements only a little curious for the date they were being made to SPX announcing its solution to last year's big-in-that-world story of applications for tables overwhelming their inclusive-ethos all-comers method of accepting such applications.

2. Image integrates its digital offerings with Dropbox. I'm not all the way sure how significant that is, but it definitely has the "Thing I've Heard Of" + "Concept I Feel I Should Know About" + "Other Thing I've Heard Of" construction I look for in a prominent news story.

3. The one element of the Scott Lobdell/MariNaomi panel harassment story that bled into this week was this Rachel Edidin essay on Lobdell's attempt at an apology. That actually appeared the day before the period described, but many folks didn't discover it or the conversation about it until the last seven days.

Winner Of The Week
Let's say Image. Every time they announce something ahead of their Expo next month it's like saying, "We have so much stuff to announce at our Expo that we need to announce stuff now."

Loser Of The Week
The idea that nothing gets announced in the week preceding and the week after Christmas. I prefer a bit of dead time -- both selfishly in that I've been pre-arranging feature content for years now with the holiday interviews but also in that I think an industry like comics can a) use some time off, particularly in that a lot of the participation in comics is supported by enthusiasm rather than money, b) a lot of eyeballs just aren't on-line in the same way right around Christmas. But you do get some of that real estate to yourself, so I guess that's part of the gamble.

Quote Of The Week
"This will sound harsh but you're probably not a writer." -- Brian Michael Bendis


today's cover is from the all-time series Classics Illustrated

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