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October 5, 2013

CR Week In Review

imageThe top comics-related news stories from September 28 to October 4, 2013:

1. Changes in North American healthcare policy may open up some insurance opportunities for a bunch of self-employed poor people, of which comics has like 18 billion.

2. Six Archie employees file suit against Nancy Silberkleit.

3. Henry Payne will no longer be directly employed by the Detroit News in the art of cartoon-making.

Winner Of The Week
IDW in partnership with My Little Pony

Losers Of The Week
People on the wrong side of Hollywood accounting

Quote Of The Week
"Be professional. Be a problem-solver. Be willing to compromise in the face of a solid argument. Be willing to lose sometimes because you'll learn more that way than you will by always winning. Ultimately, if a client is paying you for your services, he or she has every right to set the specifications, just as you have a right to your integrity. But when people jealous of how you make a living try to rag you with that old truism that every company employee has to eat shit now and then, remind them that you are not an employee. You're a contractor. You do not receive health benefits, sick days, pensions, vacation time, or any of the other considerations traditional employees receive. Your clients have zero ethical or moral ground to lie to you, to denigrate you, to cheat you, to demand more from you than they're paying for, to unapologetically walk back on promises or treat you maliciously, or to exploit your need to put food on the table. The good ones won't. Never trust the bad ones." -- Mark Waid


today's cover is from the all-time series Classics Illustrated

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