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August 2, 2014

CR Week(s) In Review

imageThe top comics-related news stories from July 19 to August 1, 2014:

1. The 2014 iteration of Comic-Con International comes and goes, with all the attendant comics publishing news stories surrounded by similar announcements from other media served by that show.

2. At leat two incidents at Comic-Con lead to significant, apparently non-life threatening, injury: A 17-year-old female cosplayer was found injured near the show on Sunday morning; after investigating a potential assault, police currently believe she fell, hurting herself. A woman was injured by a driver trying to get himself and his children out of pedestrian-heavy street traffic near a non-official event happening in proximity to the show.

3. The comiXology service announces it will offer DRM-free backups from several participating publishers, with more to come; move characterized in a variety of ways ranging from a PR ploy to a major move that sees the company better conform to how a significant subset of comics readers would like to receive material.

Winners Of The Week
Your 2014 Eisner Award winners.

Losers Of The Week
Those fans that had come to count on their Comic-Con International experience including gigantic genre film announcements of the kind that made fans not there jealous of those who are. I literally did not hear of a single film/tv "moment" while at the show -- a first in a decade -- and had a hard time parsing out that kind of thing when I came home. Mind you, I'm sort of baffled by the value of that kind of experience even if they had cast Dr. Strange right on the floor and debuted 15 minutes of Star Wars Episode 7 footage, but I encountered a lot of sad nerds last week.

Quote Of The Week
"It took me 45 minutes to get to my room after my panel... and I'm at the Omni." -- an A-list comics pro, musing on the significant crowds at the bottleneck points for this year's Comic-Con. The Omni is right across the street from the convention center.


image from a Marvel comic book from 50 years ago, a year they were killing it

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