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August 13, 2014

Dan Lynch, 1946-2014


The longtime Fort Wayne Journal-Gazette cartoonist Dan Lynch passed away on Sunday at the age of 67. Lynch passed while under the care of a local hospital. A memorial service is scheduled for Friday. Although no cause of death was given, Lynch had suffered from various afflictions due to a 2001 stroke.

Lynch was born in Munster, Indiana. He studied at Western Kentucky University and Indiana University. He was working for the Journal-Gazette -- having joined in 1975 -- when he was hired to replace Bill Schorr at the Kansas City Times/Kansas City Star (at the time a morning/afternoon set-up with the Star as owners). Lynch would stay for approximately three years. He was replaced in Fort Wayne by Steve Sack. When Sack moved to Minneapolis in the early 1980s, Lynch returned to his home region, building a career based as much on local and regional commentary as national. A versatile illustrator who worked in a style familiar to editorial cartoon aficionados, Lynch was considered a significant asset by his hometown publication. Like many cartoonists of his generation, Lynch cited Jeff MacNelly as a primary influence.

Lynch would syndicate nationally through NEA from 1986 to 1997. Publications using his material included Time and Newsweek. A desire to do more regional-issue cartoons brought that relationship to a close.

The cartoonist suffered his stroke two weeks after 9/11, an event with which the cartoonist was reportedly deeply concerned. Lynch suffered communicative and other health issues as a result, truncating his career while still in its extended prime. He officially retired that same year.

There were two books of Lynch's cartoons: There's Gold In Them Thar Ills... (1985) and Dirty Little Secrets (2003).

Lynch is survived by an ex-wife and two children. They ask that any memorials be sent to the Fort Wayne Railroad Historical Society. Lynch was a co-founder.

A selection of his cartoons were published by the newspaper through their Facebook presence.
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