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October 19, 2017

Dan Nadel Steps Down As TCJ Co-Editor; Tucker Stone To Work With Tim Hodler Moving Forward

imageDan Nadel announced today that he'll be leaving his gig at The Comics Journal co-editor. Tim Hodler will go solo for a week, which I'm guessing is the perfect time to prank the site, after which he'll be joined by Tucker Stone, a man created in a mylar test tube for the role of stewarding the long-time magazine in this on-line iteration.

As a continuing fan of the magazine I once edited on behalf of still-the-publisher Gary Groth, I'm grateful for a Nadel run with Hodler that was more in tune with the magazine as I remembered it as a print reader than what it became late in that run. I think Dan and Tim have done a particularly good job in the context of the magazine's overall history of covering the underground generation in winter, including serving as a repository of tributes and direct writing from members of that group of cartoonists when someone of their acquaintance has passed. I've also enjoyed many of their writers: Joe McCulloch is still the best writer about comics in the world, and they've used him well. Katie Skelly has been really interesting over there. Really, there's no one they use I dislike.

As for what Tucker will bring to the magazine, I guess we'll see. Tucker's a smart commentator on comics. He has publishing and podcasting experience that should enable him to provide a unique take on industry issues. His public persona is more performative than Dan's. If Dan Nadel is the guy who owns a car but has to be browbeaten to take you and your friends to a show in a nearby city, Tucker Stone is the guy in the backseat who talks from the moment the key hits the ignition to the second the car is fully parked. Tim Hodler wins the Artemus Gordon prize for all time if the new partnership works as well as the old. I wish them all the luck in the world, and anticipate fun times ahead.

Thanks, Dan, and congratulations on a job well done.
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