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November 4, 2009

David Horsey Cartoon Draws SC Ire

imageAn editorial cartoon from David Horsey run at the new Post-Intelligencer site has drawn the ire of some South Carolinians who were no doubt exposed to the work J. Wellington Wimpy-style by enterprising news sources like Fox North Carolina. Horsey uses elements such as a moonshine still, a confederate flag and a dog to criticize Boeing's decision to go to non-unionized South Carolina with a ton of new jobs as opposed to expanding facilities in Washington state. I think escalating games of cross-regional cartoon dozens would be a fine way to bring some heat back to the editorial page, and I think it's great that Horsey went knives out on this one. The only argument I can see against it is that going with the regional insults might obscure the non-union point rather than buttress it.
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