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April 10, 2013

David Steinberger Updates On Saga #12 Availability

Here. I don't really follow the semantic/rhetorical elements of the statement all that well, but you know, I don't really have an investment in those elements, either. If Apple's policies are such that a partner could interpret them that way, they're potentially pretty stupid. If comiXology had been right in making that interpretation, we could say with greater confidence that they're stupid; since they were not right in making that interpretation, it seems they are less stupid than originally feared. I'm all for less stupid. Like I wrote in the initial post down the page, I don't think the fact the sex was gay was ever an issue as a serious component of this except that it was potentially remarkable that the panels were even singled out so I understand the concern. But, since it looks like comiXology is the one that interpreted the rules, I can see them actually being that close of a reader of such material.

Anyway, the should be available soon in the way that it was not, and any lingering fear about the issue's content can be allayed. That's a fine ending to the story. No lingering harm, no lingering foul, and we can all go back to normal and stop posting about boners. Hopefully, there will be no delays in future releases, and this accommodation of this particular comic will be an example of how that policy works going in the other direction.
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