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February 5, 2018

DC Adds Young Adult And Middle Grade Graphic Novel Lines

imageThe Hollywood Reporter piece announcing DC's intention to launch two graphic novel lines aimed at younger reader is likely as good as any out there unpacking the basic facts. They're working within book-selling categories, both lines will be run by Bobbie Chase, both will feature stand-alone reading experience of the kind that are popular right now and the younger readers' reading space in general is a good one. A lot of their animation in particular seems to exist in these spaces already.

There is a rich vein of creators comfortable with these characters and looking for commercial work that finding names to announce should not be a problem for years to come.

I'm happy for everyone to get jobs and I'm happy for sensible decisions being made. Personally, I'm also just alt-indy not to hold out a lot of creative hopes for the books. I'm sure they will of a certain high quality but I will be surprised if anything made according to a set of standards like these will be inspired. I'll be happy to be proven wrong, of course, because who doesn't like more inspired work in the world? In the meantime, I hope for fair, lucrative contracts and that Gene Luen Yang's Superman Smashes The Klan is as fun as it potentially sounds.
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