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December 14, 2012

DC Issued Positive Judgment Vs. Marc Toberoff In Superman-Related Litigation Involving Families


At least that's what a blog post told me. As they basically put it: Any sort of binding agreement made by Marc Toberoff with the families has been vacated, and a recent decision that strikes down the Shuster Family's claim because of the nature of an earlier agreement with DC was upheld. I'm not sure why agreements being vacated changes anything of substance about the Siegel Family's claims, but I'm sure someone will inform me why this is so.

On the other hand, and in another blog post, Jeff Trexler says this is a win for Toberoff on a procedural issue rather than a loss on a substantive issue. As he basically put its: it's a judgment that makes it possible for Toberoff to expedite his appeal, and he asked for it to be made.

Yeah, I know. It's enough to make you wish comics never existed.

I've never been convinced that this was ever going to work out for the families, to the point I got screamed at for underreporting the initial decision as the industry-shattering victory I was repeatedly told it was. I don't really look to litigation for justice, and never have. That could be a moral failing on my part, I don't know. I could end up being wrong. There's a long way to go, of course, and there will be appeals -- I think there already is one, and certainly there is according to the Trexler take -- and the story will continue. The whole thing strikes me as regrettable and avoidable mostly because in so many cases it's been avoided.
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