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August 27, 2014

Dean Haspiel On Helping Seth Kushner Without Using GoFundMe

I had a few cartoonists ask if there was a way they could help the photographer and comics-maker Seth Kushner without contributing through his GoFundMe campaign, as some people have developed objection to their role in facilitating money raised for Ferguson, Missouri police officer Darren Wilson. I asked Dean Haspiel, a close friend of Kushner's at the heart of fundraising effort on his behalf, and he sent the following response:
With all due respect: are the people who wish to support Seth Kushner going to pay with American currency? Because I'll bet the same people who are supporting that abhorrent Ferguson cop are also using American currency. If they have a problem using a system that supports people they don't support (lord knows I'm not excited about the fact that a lot of people I can't stand get paid with the same currency I get paid in), then they need to not worry about Seth Kushner. He and his family will survive without their qualified support.

I'll bet there is a direct pay pal or something like that and if "they" want to find out what that is, "they" can email Seth and his wife directly.
This was followed by a second response, which indicated that Seth Kushner was offended by the nature of that request.

For those still interested in pursuing a non-GoFundMe option: as per Haspiel's response, Seth Kushner is at Most paypal payments can be made directly to a person's e-mail.

The GoFundMe page for Kushner is here. I encourage people to consider giving.
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